Israel Complains to UN over Iranian Incitement

[Ynet News] Yitzhak Benhorin - Israel submitted an official letter of complaint to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Thursday, which condemned recent remarks made by Iranian Vice President Esfandyar Rahim Mashaei, who said the destruction of Zionism should become a global goal. Shalev protested "yet another litany of repugnant and appalling statements made by the leadership of the government of Iran. The Iranian leadership continues to incite the destruction of Israel, a fellow Member State of the United Nations." "Such language is not mere rhetoric," she wrote. "Iran takes active steps to promote its vision of the annihilation of Israel. Iran actively supplies arms, financial resources, and training to Hamas and Hizbullah terrorist organizations - both of which reject Israel's existence and a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians as endorsed by the UN. Iran continues to support other terrorist and destabilizing forces across the wider Middle East and in other areas. Furthermore, Iran continues to defy the international community and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) regarding Iran's nuclear program." "Iran's language, matched with its actions, represents a danger to the work of the international community and to the principles enshrined in the charter of the United Nations. We therefore expect the United Nations' leadership and Member States to rebuke Iran's poisonous language and dangerous deeds in a clear and vigorous manner."

2008-12-12 08:00:00

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