Israel's Social Media in Arabic

(Al Jazeera) Linah Alsaafin - On any given Friday, spokesperson for the Israeli army Maj. Avichay Adraee sends out a message to his more than 186,000 followers on Twitter. Sometimes the message is accompanied by a Quranic verse or a saying of the Prophet Muhammad. "How would you like to be remembered by people, as respected and successful or as troublemaking terrorists?" he posted last month. "The successful Mohamad Salah and Mostafa al-Agha or the cowardly terrorist Ahmad Jarrar?" Saleh is a popular Egyptian football player, and Agha is a Syrian presenter of a TV sports program. Jarrar, a Palestinian suspected of being behind the killing of an Israeli in the West Bank in January, was killed after a manhunt by the IDF in February. Adraee's Twitter and Facebook pages are among several mushrooming social media accounts in Arabic by Israeli military and government officials. "This constitutes the first time Palestinian citizens have direct online contact with high-ranking Israeli officials," said Nadim Nashif, executive director of the Arab Center for Social Media Advancement.

2018-04-05 00:00:00

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