McMaster: All Responsible Nations Must Counter Iran's Destabilizing Activities in Syria

(White House) U.S. national security adviser H.R. McMaster said Thursday: "The United States is taking action to protect innocent Syrians, defeat ISIS, and hold the Assad regime, and its sponsors, accountable for their crimes....All civilized nations must hold Iran and Russia accountable for their role in enabling atrocities and perpetuating human suffering in Syria." "Across the greater Middle East, Iran is proliferating dangerous weapons, fueling sectarian violence, and supporting terrorist proxies and militias, such as Hizbullah. This regime proudly chants 'Death to America' and 'Death to Israel.' It further offends the conscience of every human being by denying the Holocaust." "Since 2012, Iran has provided over $16 billion to the Assad regime and to other proxies in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen....Iran's goal is to secure a permanent military foothold in Syria, which would threaten Israel, undermine U.S. interests, and strengthen the terrorist and proxy forces that Iran uses to weaken Arab states and foment violence. We cannot let this happen. All responsible nations must take action to counter Iran's destabilizing activities in Syria and across the region."

2018-03-16 00:00:00

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