In Syria and Lebanon, Iran and Its Proxies Threaten Israel, Sunni Arabs and the U.S.

(Wall Street Journal) Sen. Lindsey Graham - When Israel withdrew from southern Lebanon in 2000, the UN promised to provide a buffer via the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), to ensure that southern Lebanon would not continue to be a threat to Israel. On a recent visit to the region, we were stunned by how pervasive sophisticated rockets have become in the area. The Israel Defense Forces informed us that Hizbullah - with Iran's help - is manufacturing precision-guided weapons there. Under the nose of UNIFIL, there are thousands of intermediate-range rockets and missiles pointed at Israel. Soon Israel will have to attack these rocket sites, which Hizbullah has integrated into civilian infrastructure such as apartment buildings, schools and hospitals. Israeli leaders are concerned that this will lead to high civilian casualties. I will hold hearings about the military buildup in southern Lebanon, the failures of UNIFIL, and the need for more missile-defense funding for Israel.

2018-03-13 00:00:00

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