Time for U.S. to Reject UN's Anti-Democratic Conference

[Philadelphia Inquirer] Claudia Rosett - The UN is planning a repeat performance of Durban I, the 2001 global mega-conference dedicated to fueling hatred of Jews, Israel and the U.S. Now the UN is planning Durban II to "review" the results of Durban I. The 20-member executive planning committee, chaired by Libya, has Cuba as its rapporteur, and includes such bastions of official intolerance as Russia, Pakistan and Iran. Canada recently did the right thing and took the lead in announcing that, rather than lend any legitimacy to this outrage by taking part, the Canadian government would boycott Durban II. The Bush administration ought to be racing to back up Canada by announcing a U.S. boycott. Last month, at a hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.) asked Secretary of State Rice if the Bush administration would follow Canada's lead and announce a boycott. Her reply was that while "we have no intention of participating in something like Durban I...we have not tried to make any decision on this."

2008-03-11 01:00:00

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