Houthi Missiles Test U.S.-Supplied Saudi Missile Defense Systems

(Eurasia Review) Riad Kahwaji - The Houthi rebels in Yemen have increased the frequency of firing ballistic missiles against Saudi Arabia in the past couple of months. The Houthis have fired at least 90 ballistic missiles against targets in Yemen and Saudi Arabia over the past three years. In the past, Houthi missiles were limited to ranges of 350 km., but since November 2017 the Houthis have been launching missiles with ranges of up to 800 km. - placing the Saudi capital, Riyadh, within reach. "The Houthi ballistic missiles could be an attempt by the party (Iran) providing them...to test the missiles' performance and efficiency against U.S.-supplied missile defense systems," according to a Western diplomat based in the region. A senior Arab military official said, "The Iranian advisors who are helping the Houthis fire these missiles are basically testing their accuracy and efficiency as well as their performance against the missile defense systems the Arab Coalition has deployed in Yemen and Saudi Arabia [the Patriot Pac-3]."

2018-02-21 00:00:00

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