The UN's Uncomfortable Truths about Iran

(New York Times) Amb. Nikki Haley - Last week, the UN published a report by a panel of experts who found that Iran is violating a UN weapons embargo - that missiles fired by Yemen's Houthi rebels into Saudi Arabia last year were made in Iran. It proves, once again, that the Iranian regime can't be trusted. By confirming that Iran is the source of the missiles fired into Saudi Arabia, the UN panel has given the world a chance to act before a missile hits a school or a hospital and leads to a dangerous military escalation. The new UN report makes it clear that the Iranian weapons were transferred to Yemen after the arms embargo was imposed, putting Iran in undisputed violation of the UN resolution. The world can no longer claim ignorance or skepticism of Iran's role in fomenting instability in the Middle East. Today, armed with this evidence, we have the chance to rein in Iran's behavior and demand that it live up to its international agreements. The writer is the U.S. ambassador to the UN.

2018-02-19 00:00:00

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