Iran, Deeply Embedded in Syria, Expands "Axis of Resistance"

(New York Times) Ben Hubbard - Tactical advisers from Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps are deployed at military bases across Syria. Its commanders regularly show up at the front lines to lead battles. Iran has built and continues to back powerful militias with thousands of fighters it has trained in Syria. And it has brought in new technologies, like drones, to spy on enemies and perhaps to attack them. Israeli officials say that any new conflict between Israel and Iran, or any of its allies, could mobilize Iran's expanding network of militant proxies, what Iran refers to as "the axis of resistance." As the Syrian rebels have lost ground, Iran and its allies have stayed, shifting their focus to creating an infrastructure to threaten Israel, analysts say. Many Israelis say the danger is not just from the new Iranian-backed militias, but also from the Iranian efforts to give advanced, high-precision weapons capable of hitting sensitive infrastructure to Hizbullah, Iran's most powerful and experienced external force.

2018-02-19 00:00:00

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