Iran's Moves in Syria Threaten Region

(Boston Herald) Peter Brookes - In its reaction to an Iranian UAV which violated Israeli airspace, Israel's signal to Syria and Iran is quite clear. It won't brook a growing Iranian threat from Syria. For the mullahs, Syria is a fundamental building block - in addition to Iraq and Lebanon - in Tehran's plans to cobble together a swath of power from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea. With a persistent military presence in Syria, Iran would be able to project power against Israel from just across the Syrian border courtesy of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard's Quds force, offensive weapons, and intelligence capabilities. Having Iran in Syria also endangers neighboring Lebanon. Iran could more efficiently and effectively support Hizbullah's effort to dominate the country as well as threaten Israel to the south. Think of it: The mullah's missiles on the Mediterranean. The writer, a retired naval intelligence officer, is a Senior Fellow, National Security Affairs at the Heritage Foundation.

2018-02-16 00:00:00

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