PA Wants Festive Funeral for Coastal Road Killer

[Jerusalem Post ] Khaled Abu Toameh - The Palestinian Authority has asked Israel to hand over the remains of Dalal Mughrabi, the Palestinian woman who led the March 11, 1978, coastal road attack in which 36 people were murdered and 71 wounded. Israel is planning to deliver Mughrabi's remains, together with those of scores of Palestinians and Lebanese, to Hizbullah in the context of the new prisoner exchange between the two sides. The PA said it wanted to "honor" Mughrabi by holding a big funeral for her in Ramallah. Azzam al-Ahmed, a senior Fatah official closely associated with Mahmoud Abbas, described Mughrabi as a "the first Palestinian woman to carry out one of the most courageous operations in Israel." "We want to turn Dalal's funeral into a national wedding, a major celebration," he said.

2008-07-11 01:00:00

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