Can Israel Maintain an Alliance with Moderate Sunni Arab States?

(Jerusalem Post) Lior Akerman - Over the years, many unexpected political, military and economic connections have been formed between Israel and moderate Sunni Arab states. Israel signed a peace treaty with Egypt and then with Jordan. Israel also formed extensive unofficial commercial ties with a number of Sunni Gulf states. All of this is apparently leading Saudi Arabia to change its political positions, recognize Israel, and push other countries to settle regional conflicts and recognize the Jewish state. Israel has common interests with many of the moderate Sunni countries in the region, such as a desire to eradicate radical Islamist terrorism, to advance the region's economy, to improve the welfare of residents, and to prevent the outbreak of war. Yet most Middle Eastern countries lack governmental stability. Heads of state are constantly being ousted, and ruling leaders often change their positions according to the political climate of the moment and their current military needs. Today's ally could turn into an enemy tomorrow - and vice versa. The writer is a former deputy head of the Israel Security Agency.

2017-11-17 00:00:00

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