Hizbullah Consolidates Its Stranglehold over Lebanon

(World Affairs Journal) Michael J. Totten - Hizbullah effectively controls Lebanon's army now. In 2011, an independent UN tribunal fingered Hizbullah for the assassination of recently resigned Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri's father in 2005. I met Saad Hariri once when he invited me and some other journalists to his home in Beirut for dinner (before he became prime minister the first time in 2009). ) He wants peace with Israel even though he's shy about saying so for reasons that I trust are obvious. By refusing to collaborate with terrorists and mass murderers, Hariri is doing the rest of us a favor by exposing Lebanon's government for what it truly is - the subject of a hostile takeover by malevolent foreign powers in Damascus and Tehran. Now that Hariri is out, Iran's conquest and de-facto annexation of Lebanon is complete. Lebanon has dozens of political parties, almost 20 different religious sects crammed together in a space only half the size of miniscule Israel, pretty much every family is armed to the teeth, and few are shy about pulling the trigger to protect their communities.

2017-11-10 00:00:00

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