Searching for a New Bond with Israel

[New York Jewish Week] Gary Rosenblatt - There is growing media discussion of how long Israel can last in a hostile environment. Many young Jews today grew up knowing of Israel mostly from the headlines. When these young people see Israel on the defensive on so many fronts, do they want to stand up and be counted among the targeted? For those of us in the diaspora who want to ensure Israel's survival, the first point we should make is that the fate of the Jews of the world is linked to those of our brothers and sisters in Israel. They are on the frontlines, true, but those who would destroy them would come after us next because the issue here is not just land but religion, identity and ideology. For militant Muslims, jihad is to be waged against the Jews, not just the Zionists, and against Western culture, especially the U.S. We American Jews must come to realize that our support for Israel stems not just from compassion and connection, but self-preservation.

2008-04-11 01:00:00

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