We Need a Better Strategy for Containing and Checking Iran

(National Interest) John Allen and Michael O'Hanlon - Many Americans reasonably wonder how we can reach an amicable agreement with Iran on nuclear matters while seemingly closing our eyes to Iran's lethal adventurism throughout the region. This Iranian behavior, which is ongoing and unrelenting since the JCPOA was signed in 2015, also makes the nuclear deal's "sunset provisions" even more troubling, since there is no sign that Iran is becoming less dangerous with time. In fact, over the last generation, no foreign government has more American blood on its hands than Iran's post-1979 revolutionary theocracy. Teheran's ongoing efforts to foment trouble virtually wherever Shia live in the Middle East have worsened wars that have killed more than half a million and displaced more than 15 million since 2011. Its ongoing lethal support for Hamas and Hizbullah put Israel at constant peril. So yes, we need a better strategy for containing and checking Iran, and it is needed now. The writers are senior fellows at the Brookings Institution.

2017-10-24 00:00:00

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