Trump Is Right about the Iran Deal

(Ha'aretz) Nehemia Shtrasler - President Trump is trying to keep Iran from becoming a nuclear power with long-range missiles that will threaten the entire world. After all, anyone with eyes in his head recognizes that Iran, with its enormous oil reserves, isn't interested in nuclear technology for electricity or scientific research. It wants a bomb, as the only way to guarantee the survival of the regime and its leaders. Iran is an evil regime, all terror and aggression. Its leaders want first to control the Middle East, and then to become a world power that will also threaten Europe and the United States. It is a Shi'ite extremist regime that funds terror attacks around the world, including by supplying arms to terrorist organizations in many Muslim states: Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Egypt and Jordan. Israel is at the top of the kill list, and Iran is trying to surround it on all sides: Syria (the Assad regime), Lebanon (Hizbullah) and Gaza (Hamas). But to really destroy Israel, Iran needs a nuclear bomb. That's why it's so important to try to prevent it from getting one. Israel has a clear interest in Trump's success. The moment Iran becomes a nuclear power, our entire existence will be at risk. The writer is a veteran columnist for Ha'aretz.

2017-10-20 00:00:00

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