A New U.S. Strategy to Address Iran's Destructive Actions

(White House) President Donald Trump - President Trump reviewed U.S. strategy toward Iran in an address from the White House on Friday: "The regime remains the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism, and provides assistance to al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Hizbullah, Hamas, and other terrorist networks. It develops, deploys, and proliferates missiles that threaten American troops and our allies. It harasses American ships and threatens freedom of navigation in the Arabian Gulf and in the Red Sea. It imprisons Americans on false charges. And it launches cyberattacks against our critical infrastructure, financial system, and military." "Given the regime's murderous past and present, we should not take lightly its sinister vision for the future. The regime's two favorite chants are 'Death to America' and 'Death to Israel.'" "In recognition of the increasing menace posed by Iran...I am announcing a new strategy to address the full range of Iran's destructive actions." "First, we will work with our allies to counter the regime's destabilizing activity and support for terrorist proxies in the region." "Second, we will place additional sanctions on the regime to block their financing of terror." "Third, we will address the regime's proliferation of missiles and weapons that threaten its neighbors, global trade, and freedom of navigation." "And finally, we will deny the regime all paths to a nuclear weapon." "The Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act...requires the President...to certify that the suspension of sanctions under the deal is 'appropriate and proportionate.' Based on the factual record I have put forward, I am announcing today that we cannot and will not make this certification." "Key House and Senate leaders are drafting legislation that would amend the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act to strengthen enforcement, prevent Iran from developing...an intercontinental ballistic missile, and make all restrictions on Iran's nuclear activity permanent under U.S. law." "As we have seen in North Korea, the longer we ignore a threat, the worse that threat becomes. It is why we are determined that the world's leading sponsor of terrorism will never obtain nuclear weapons."

2017-10-16 00:00:00

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