Guardian Gives Anti-Israel Play Four Stars

(UK Media Watch) Richard Millett - The Guardian's Michael Billington gave "My Name Is Rachel Corrie" four stars in his review of the anti-Israel play now showing at the Young Vic in London. The play was co-written by Guardian editor-in-chief Katherine Viner. Corrie was killed in Rafah in Gaza in 2003 while standing in front of an Israeli bulldozer that was about to demolish a house that was shielding a Hamas weapon supply tunnel from Egypt into Gaza. Her death was at the height of the Second Intifada when Hamas was blowing up Israeli citizens inside Israel using suicide bombers. There is no mention that at the trial of the driver of the bulldozer he was found innocent by the court because there was no way he could have seen her standing in front of the bulldozer based on how high up he was in his carriage. The Young Vic refused a request to have photos of 19 murdered Israelis named Rachel, with descriptions of how they were blown to pieces by Palestinian terrorists, in the foyer during the running of "My Name Is Rachel Corrie."

2017-10-11 00:00:00

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