Massive Drill Validates Israel's Cyber-Secure C4I Network

(C4ISRNET) Barbara Opall-Rome - Last month the IDF's Northern Command conducted the largest drill in 20 years - designed to simulate war scenarios against Iran-armed and -trained Hizbullah forces beyond its northern border. Brig.-Gen. Netanel Cohen, chief of the Cyber Defense Directorate, said the drill marked the first opportunity to test the IDF's multilayered, cloud-supported networks in such large numbers and across all combat and command echelons. "Bottom line: It worked....It was the first time we managed to connect a broad portion of our order of battle and all fighting echelons deployed in the field on the same secure net." Cohen said the IDF also deployed a "red team" of crack hackers whose mission was to penetrate the IDF's operational network.

2017-10-10 00:00:00

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