Israel Contributes to the Defeat of ISIS

(Ynet News) Interview with IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot - Viewing the threat of Hizbullah in the north, Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot, the IDF Chief of Staff, said, "I can't guarantee there wouldn't be an infiltration into Israel's territory and into a community. I can guarantee high efficiency in defense; I can guarantee that if anyone infiltrates the State of Israel, we would kill them. We would prevent (Hizbullah) from having any significant achievements. Both Hizbullah and Hamas understand the unbearable price they would have to pay for infiltrating an Israeli community and harming civilians." Eisenkot has become identified with the Dahiya doctrine: The use of disproportionate force to destroy Hizbullah's Dahiya stronghold in Beirut. "We tried to get [Hizbullah leader] Nasrallah at the beginning of the [2006] war. We attacked the building he was living in and the one that served as his bunker....He's been living in a bunker for 11 years. He doesn't dare go outside." During Eisenkot's tenure, the IDF has stepped up "operations between wars" - missions designed to thwart Hizbullah and Harmas' efforts to arm themselves with advanced weaponry. "Our forces operate overtly and covertly every night to complete their missions....Our 'operations between wars' have not led to escalation because our enemies understand we're hitting the capabilities that need to be targeted. We carry out many types of operations, some of them violent, and only a small portion becomes known." Iran's "long-term strategic goal is to obtain nuclear capabilities. There is no doubt about it. The IDF's challenge of preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear capabilities has been at the top of our list of priorities over the past decade. This mission will continue being a top priority, since we understand this is a threat on a different scale." "Since our intelligence capabilities are the best in the area, and certainly in Israel's close vicinity, we contribute to the effort to defeat ISIS and the Nusra Front....We pass on information to countries when we know something is in the works (in those countries). The (Israeli) intelligence community contributes greatly to thwarting terror attacks in the Middle East and elsewhere around the globe."

2017-10-09 00:00:00

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