Netanyahu Says Trump Willing to "Fix" Iran Nuclear Deal

(Times of Israel) Raphael Ahren - After his meeting in New York on Monday with President Trump, Prime Minister Netanyahu said, "There is an American willingness to fix the [Iran nuclear] deal, and I presented possible ways to do it....I said in the past that the largest problem would not be Iran violating the deal - which would be bad in itself - but it's even more problematic if Iran keeps the deal." If Iran were to adhere to the deal, it would "within a short time frame be able to produce an industrial nuclear arsenal. Therefore, I don't dismiss the issue of enforcement; I am just saying it deals with one problem only." Trump views Iran not as a part of the solution but as "the source for the problems in the Middle East," Netanyahu said. "On this way, we entirely agree. Now we're discussing the details....I made my position very clear, as I told you: either change or cancel the agreement. Because if it won't be changed, it will lead to Iran's nuclearization." Regarding the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, Netanyahu said, "I agreed with his willingness to reach peace with the Palestinians, and I insist on our vital national interests, including security....There won't be peace without Israel having ironclad security arrangements. An agreement without security arrangements would last exactly two hours."

2017-09-19 00:00:00

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