Israel's Strike in Syria Should Be a Wake-Up Call

(Washington Post) Editorial - Israel's leaders are deeply disturbed these days by what they see as a mounting threat from Iran and its proxies in Syria. Prime Minister Netanyahu has spoken out in recent weeks against Iran's "turning Syria into a base of military entrenchment," including the construction of sites to build sophisticated guided missiles for possible use against Israel and its attempt to consolidate control over a land corridor stretching across Syria to Lebanon. Throughout the Syrian civil war, Israel has quietly carried out strikes to stop Iran's principal proxy in the region, Hizbullah, from acquiring advanced weapons and to prevent Iran's forces from advancing too far south. According to Israel's Air Force chief, there have been close to 100 such missions. A Sept. 7 attack targeted a Syrian missile production facility on a base that also was reportedly used for the manufacture of chemical weapons and the barrel bombs used by the Assad regime against civilians. If it slows the production of those deadly weapons, Israel's attack will have done a service for humanity as well as itself. The U.S. should be taking its own steps to block the Iranian "entrenchment" in Syria. Diplomacy might achieve some of that, but military steps should not be ruled out.

2017-09-15 00:00:00

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