IDF Exercise Focuses on Defeating Hizbullah Decisively

(Israel Hayom) Lilach Shoval - In the event of another war with Hizbullah, Israel's achievement will be measured according to how massive a blow it would deal the group's leadership and infrastructure, a senior IDF officer involved in the wide-scale military exercise currently taking place near the northern border said Monday. Unlike previous drills, the current 11-day exercise, launched on Sep. 5, focuses on defeating Hizbullah decisively rather than on generating deterrence. "It's reasonable to assume that under certain circumstances, given a certain concentration of effort [by Hizbullah], our line of contact will be breached. The question is what will happen when it's breached and what happens to those who breach it....With all due respect to Hizbullah's capabilities, and we have a healthy respect for them, it won't be able to seize [Israeli] territory for long." "We're not playing with them [Hizbullah]. One breach of Israeli sovereignty, one time with [civilian] casualties and the reaction will be decisive, significant and sophisticated. The trick is to...identify their weaknesses and target those weaknesses in a surprising way."

2017-09-13 00:00:00

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