French Terrorism Expert Explains What Drives Young Europeans to Jihad

(Ha'aretz) Davide Lerner - Olivier Roy, one of France's top experts on Islamic terrorism, says, "An estimated 60% of those who espouse violent jihadism in Europe are second-generation Muslims who have lost their connection with their country of origin and have failed to integrate into Western societies." The result is a dangerous "identity vacuum" in which "violent extremism thrives." "Third generations are normally better integrated in the West and don't account for more than 15% of homegrown jihadis." "The large majority of al-Qaeda and Islamic State jihadis...commit suicide attacks not because it makes sense strategically from a military perspective or because it's consistent with the Salafi creed. These attacks don't weaken the enemy significantly....These kids seek death as an end-goal in itself."

2017-08-24 00:00:00

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