Concern in Israel over U.S. Positions on Syria

(Ynet News) Ronen Bergman - A delegation of Israeli defense officials in Washington last week was not able to secure a commitment from the Americans to ensure any agreement to end the war in Syria would include the evacuation of Iranian military forces from the country. Israeli intelligence officials said the delegation "presented sensitive, credible and highly disturbing intelligence information," backed by documents and photographs, which showed the ever-growing spread of Iranian influence in Syria. The main concern is the deployment of Iranian and Hizbullah forces on the Syrian Golan, on the border with Israel. Hizbullah has started creating infrastructure for intelligence collection on the Golan. Moreover, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Quds Force, responsible for foreign operations, is building a naval terminal for Iran and Hizbullah at Tartus on the Mediterranean.

2017-08-22 00:00:00

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