The Changing Face of the Israel Navy

(Jerusalem Post) Anna Ahronheim - The expansion of Israel's Mediterranean exclusive economic zone (EEZ) from 40 miles to 150 miles four years ago "has changed the face of the navy," a senior Israeli naval officer said Tuesday. The navy is tasked with securing the natural gas drilling rigs that are in Israel's EEZ, and believes that Hizbullah in Lebanon has long-range missiles that can hit the rigs, which fuel much of the electricity used in Israel. Due to the threat posed by Hizbullah's arsenal, the Sa'ar-6 corvettes being manufactured for Israel in Germany have been redesigned to have two Iron Dome short-range defensive missile launchers instead of one. Moreover, in response to the threat of terrorist attacks from enemy naval commandos operating under the water, the navy has deployed dozens of sensors on the sea floor near Gaza and Lebanon to detect suspicious underwater movement.

2017-08-17 00:00:00

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