The Palestinian Martyrs Fund Is Flush with Blood Money from America

(Washington Times) Editorial - Cash doled out to Palestinian terrorists and their families is blood money, and it's to the shame of the U.S. government that some of that blood money is lifted from the pockets of Americans. The families of three Israeli Arabs who carried out the execution-style shootings of two Israeli Druze policemen at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem's Old City are eligible for money from the Palestinian Martyrs Fund, as well as the families of the attackers who stabbed an Israeli policewoman at Damascus Gate in June. In this way, Palestinian leaders encourage acts of terrorism. More than 20,000 Palestinian families receive monthly payments, according to the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. It's a telling indicator that peaceful families with incomes under the poverty line receive smaller welfare payments than killers of Jews. The geopolitics of the Middle East may be complicated, but the morality of terrorism is not. It's evil and U.S. dollars should not pay for it.

2017-08-01 00:00:00

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