How Can the Palestinian Authority Defend Paying Lifetime Salaries to Terrorists Convicted of Murder?

(International Business Times-UK) Julie Lenarz - In 2016, the average wage in the UK was 2,272 pounds per month. The family of the knife-wielding Palestinian terrorist who brutally butchered three members of the Salomon family at Shabbat dinner on July 21 will soon enjoy a generous monthly payment of at least 2,385 pounds plus supplements, courtesy of the PA. Murder, preferably multiple murder, is a lucrative business in the Palestinian territories. The PA's policy of rewarding terrorists makes it complicit in the murder of Jews. But what's most revolting is that Palestinian murder is bankrolled by the international community. There's a good chance that your hard-earned cash could end up being used as blood money by the PA to reward murderous terrorists. If we are serious about fighting terrorism, scrutinizing Palestinian behavior before donating hundreds of millions in aid would be a good place to start. The writer is Executive Director of the Human Security Centre in London.

2017-07-31 00:00:00

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