Expert Views U.S. Middle East Policy Following Elections

[VOA News] Meredith Buel - Joshua Muravchik, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, argues that even with a new Congress, the chances for an Arab-Israeli peace agreement are slim. He says there is a rising sense among some Arabs that armed resistance is a successful way to change the status quo. Muravchik argues that because the Palestinians have witnessed the insurgency in Iraq, what he calls the perceived defeat of the Israelis by Hizballah in Lebanon, the perception that Israel was forced to withdraw from Gaza, the rise of Iranian influence, and the election of Hamas in the Palestinian territories, the chances for a peaceful solution with Israel have gotten worse. "The sense that resistance, jihad, is triumphant and on the upswing is absolutely a killer to any evolution of sentiment among the Palestinians toward being willing to accept the reality of Israel as a permanent reality and to go on and make peace."

2006-11-10 01:00:00

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