Video: What Are Defensible Borders and Why Are They Important for Israel

(Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs) Maj.-Gen. (ret.) Uzi Dayan - "Defensible borders" means the line from which you can defend yourself with your own forces. The average distance between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea is 40 miles, which does not provide minimal strategic depth. The Jordan Valley with the ridge to the west is the best line that you can rely upon. There are only five strategic passages through the ridge. We know that to fight terrorism effectively, if you don't control the envelope of the region, terror groups like Hamas will quickly take over, and they will invite the Iranians and, all of a sudden, you have an Iranian outpost in the West Bank. They already have an outpost in Lebanon and in Gaza. We don't need another one in the West Bank and near Jerusalem. Maj.-Gen. (ret.) Uzi Dayan is a former Israeli national security adviser and IDF deputy chief of staff.

2017-07-04 00:00:00

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