If You Think a "Moderate" Has Won in Iran, Think Again

(Telegraph-UK) Christopher Booker - Following the ghastly farce of the Iranian presidential election, we were told again that the victor, Hassan Rouhani, was a "moderate." But Rouhani is an utterly ruthless operator who had presided since 2013 over what Amnesty International called "a staggering execution spree," murdering and imprisoning so many dissidents that Iran has per capita the highest execution rate in the world. Rouhani's great boast was that he won from the West the "nuclear deal" under which President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry agreed to the partial lifting of sanctions and the release of 38 billion pounds of Iranian assets frozen in the West. But virtually all of that money went to the Revolutionary Guards, to pay for Hizbullah and the tens of thousands of mercenaries which have been the chief prop to the Assad regime in Syria; the disastrous destabilizing of Yemen; and their interventions in Iraq. This is not a struggle of Sunnis vs. Shias, because there are a huge number of Shia Iranians keener to see an end to the murderous Tehran regime than anyone.

2017-06-02 00:00:00

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