It's Time for Indiana to Walk Out of the Iranian Parade

[South Bend Tribune] Bob Feferman - Indiana can join the growing number of states that have passed bills in their legislatures to divest their public employee retirement funds from billions of dollars invested in key foreign companies that invest in Iran. These states include California, Illinois, Louisiana and Missouri. We can learn more about the campaign to divest from Iran at the Web site which is sponsored by the Center for Security Policy. The residents of the state of Indiana have a responsibility to make sure that their public funds do not unwittingly help sponsor the Iranian terrorism that kills American soldiers in Iraq and civilians in Israel. By divesting from terror, we can send a message to Iran that the UN Security Council has failed to send: So long as Iran sponsors terrorism and pursues nuclear weapons, we will not take part in the Iranian economic parade.

2007-11-09 01:00:00

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