Israel's Grassroots Defenders

[National Post-Canada] Barbara Kay - "Israeli Apartheid Week" (IAW) once again blotted intellectual landscapes on university campuses throughout February in the U.S., Europe, and Canada (Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, Montreal). For a heartening change, though, the third annual IAW has robust competition. March 5-9 marks "Freedom and Democracy Week" at the University of Toronto and Radical Islam Awareness Week at Montreal's McGill University. IAW lectures are in reality one-sided, anti-Israel hate sessions, and many of the "student" organizers are full-time professional activists. Among those countering anti-Israel propaganda is the Betar-Tagar group. Rather than getting bogged down in the endless he-said-she-said about the specifics of Palestinian grievances, they shine a light on the gigantic iceberg beneath: radical Islam. Democratic Israel's existential battle for survival within a hostile Islamic world is a preview and warning for Western democracies.

2007-03-09 01:00:00

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