Assad Is Not the Solution in Syria

(The Hill) Matthew R.J. Brodsky - Those who argue that Assad should remain in power as a check against the Islamic radicals ignore the war crimes and other atrocities committed by the regime, including chemical attacks, mass hangings, mass graves and the targeting of hospitals and schools. Keeping Assad in power would undermine both America's credibility and core values. Moreover, Assad doesn't have the military capability to hold Syria together. What's left of Assad's army is an empty shell, precariously held together by Russia, Iran and Hizbullah. Any plan to keep Assad in power means turning Syria into a Russian and Iranian state, an outcome clearly counter to American interests. There are no pillars left upon which Assad's legitimacy can rest; Bashar Assad can't "Make Syria Great Again." The majority of Sunnis are at war with the Alawis and Shiites, be they Arab Hizbullah or Persian Iranians. The name "Syria" is of ancient Greek origin and was long forgotten for hundreds of years until it was resurrected in the 19th century by local non-Muslims. The name reflected no overarching identity and evoked no national memory. Entering the seventh year of the conflict, the Syrian state exists today in name only. The writer is former director of policy at the Jewish Policy Center in Washington.

2017-03-17 00:00:00

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