Netanyahu Urges Putin to Block Iranian Power Corridor on Israel's Border

(Washington Post) David Filipov and Ruth Eglash - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Moscow on Thursday seeking reassurance from Russian President Vladimir Putin that his country's presence in Syria would help Israel block Iran from positioning itself permanently on Israel's northern border. At the start of his meeting with Putin, Netanyahu noted that "the victory over the terrorism of ISIS cannot lead to an upsurge in terrorism by Iran and its proxies. We will not exchange terrorism for terrorism." Members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps are now present along the 1967 cease-fire line with Israel in the Golan Heights, putting them directly opposite Israeli troops for the first time. Hizbullah is also active in the Golan. Iran is also thought to have deployed missiles in Syria capable of reaching deep inside Israeli territory.

2017-03-10 00:00:00

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