Israel Welcomes the Return of the U.S. Superpower

(Newsweek) Ron Prosor - President Trump seems to be hugging America's traditional allies close. Trump and Netanyahu see eye to eye on the fight against radical Islamist terror, the threat of Iran, and Israel's importance as a strategic asset for the U.S. in the Middle East. The UN is systematically, institutionally hostile to Israel, but it is systematically hostile to America too, its institutions all too often hijacked by dictators to push extremist, pro-terror and anti-peace agendas. Paradoxically, the UN's biggest funder is the American taxpayer, who last year contributed $9.2 billion to UN-linked groups. The new president has a golden opportunity to hold the UN to account. It can no longer remain anti-Western, anti-democratic and unaccountable, and expect to get a star-spangled paycheck. The writer is Israel's former ambassador to the UN and the UK.

2017-02-20 00:00:00

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