U.S. Must Restore Relations with Israel

(Richmond Times-Dispatch) Editorial - A UN resolution that condemned Israeli settlement policy isolated Israel on the global stage. It delegitimized the Jewish state and gave comfort to Israel's enemies. A so-called two state solution could have come into existence in 1948. Israel would have accepted coexistence; its foes did not. In a move of transcendent cynicism and hate, various Arab countries expelled their Jewish residents and simultaneously waged war against their refuge. Israel beat the odds. Israelis have suffered formal wars as well as terrorism. Terrorists have targeted Olympic teams and children at play. In 1967, Israel won a desperate war and reunited Jerusalem. It gained sovereignty it had not sought. Its record remains superior to the record of its antagonists. Regarding rightness, there is no dispute. The Times-Dispatch stands by Israel. Obama is wrong to have abstained at the UN.

2017-01-06 00:00:00

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