Report: Disguised as Refugees, ISIS General Is in Europe with 400 Soldiers

(Daily Mail-UK) Julian Robinson - The Italian intelligence services report that an ISIS general once pictured decapitating a prisoner is back in Europe with 400 of his soldiers after fleeing Syria, Italy's L'Espresso reported. Lavdrim Muhaxheri and his men disguised themselves as refugees in order to cross borders to get into Europe. Muhaxheri, also known as Abu Abdullah al Kosova, is a Kosovo Albanian designated as a global terrorist by the State Department. He has appeared in several propaganda videos calling Albanians to join jihad, and has uploaded photographs of himself appearing to decapitate a man, as well as a video where he kills a captive with a rocket. Italian prosecutors say Muhaxheri planned attacks on Israel's national soccer team during a match in Albania and Kosovo government institutions, as well as Serbian Orthodox Church sites. 19 people were arrested when the plot was uncovered, with the trail leading back to Muhaxheri.

2017-01-02 00:00:00

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