Kerry Lost the Israeli Public Long Ago

(Times of Israel) David Horovitz - Many in Israel recognize the dangers of being permanently intertwined with millions of hostile Palestinians. But the secretary of state and his president long ago lost much of the Israeli public by underestimating the depth of Palestinian opposition to the very fact of the Jewish state's existence. Kerry has underestimated, too, the consequent scarring that the Israeli public has accumulated over decades of war, terrorism, and demonization as the Palestinians and those who championed their cause have sought Israel's obliteration. We left south Lebanon. Hizbullah took over. We left Gaza. Now it's ruled by Hamas. When the secretary expresses his "total confidence" that Israel's security requirements in the West Bank can be met via sophisticated multi-layered border defenses and such, he quite simply loses Israel.

2016-12-30 00:00:00

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