Ontario Lawmaker Sought to Counter Anti-Israel "Psychological Terrorism" on Campus

(Toronto Sun-Canada) Antonella Artuso - The Ontario legislature last week endorsed a motion put forward by MPP Gila Martow rejecting the BDS movement and celebrating ties with Israel in a 49-5 vote. Martow said in an interview, "It was important to me that it pass because I feel there are too many students on campuses who are being intimidated - it's almost like psychological terrorism on the campuses - by this BDS movement that is vilifying Israel and trying to delegitimize a legitimate, internationally recognized country." "The message is the legislature of Ontario recognizes Israel as the only democracy in the Middle East where human rights are upheld to Ontario standards. And while we openly invite dialogue, we invite dialogue in a peaceful and positive manner, not a negative boycott."

2016-12-09 00:00:00

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