Hamas Has Its Sights on the West Bank

(Ynet News) Elior Levy - Hamas today has no true patron. After it chose to side with the Sunnis in Syria against the Assad regime, Iran stopped supporting Hamas politically and is still waiting for its political leader Khaled Mashal to come to Tehran to personally apologize. Saudi Arabia hasn't forgotten Hamas' close relations with Iran - Saudi Arabia's greatest enemy - and has not welcomed Hamas with open arms. Neither has the Egyptian government, which has been systematically flooding Hamas smuggling tunnels along its border and keeping the Rafah Border Crossing closed. There are currently only two countries which support Hamas: Turkey - which supports more in words than in deeds, and Qatar - which has turned into the terror group's largest financier. Meanwhile, Mashal knows he has a real possibility of becoming president of the Palestinian Authority if elections should ever take place. Therefore, Hamas has been organizing a civilian infrastructure in various Palestinian cities in the West Bank, investing tens of millions of dollars to establish these infrastructures there as well as in east Jerusalem. The money is being transferred via Palestinian businessmen who have permits to cross from Gaza to the West Bank, along with people coming from Jordan.

2016-10-25 00:00:00

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