Issues in the Presidential Election: Israel

(AP) Matthew Lee - Although it has not been a major campaign issue thus far, Israel remains the staunchest U.S. ally in the volatile Middle East region, even after the well-publicized spat over the Iran deal and disagreements over the peace process. With the war in Syria showing no sign of easing, Iraq on edge and an increasingly authoritarian government in Turkey, Israel is stable and at peace with neighbors Jordan and Egypt. U.S. presidents from both parties and Israeli leaders from across the political spectrum have hailed their shared values and democratic ideals. Israel enjoys great support from members of Congress and American Jews, who are traditionally politically active and courted by politicians, as well as others. But a growing and vocal group of pro-Palestinian activists has tried to blunt U.S. backing for Israel. Given the stated pro-Israel positions of both Clinton and Trump, however, those efforts are not likely to yield much success no matter who wins in November. This story is part of AP's "Why It Matters" series, examining issues at stake in the presidential election.

2016-10-07 00:00:00

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