Israel's Lebanese Christian Minority

( Eliana Rudee - Jonathan Elkhoury spoke recently in Jerusalem about how his family fled from Hizbullah's rule in Lebanon when his father, a former South Lebanon Army (SLA) officer, had to leave his homeland along with 1,200 other SLA families during Israel's withdrawal in May 2000. "The Christian society is one of the successful minorities in Israel," he said. "There are people in high positions in education, in hospitals, courts - everywhere you look you will find a Christian in a high position. They are a quiet yet successful community." "We got a lot of help from the Israeli society," Elkoury said. "We were welcomed because of the SLA's contribution to Israel....They tutored us, and did everything to make us feel comfortable and feel at home....At my school, more than 50% of the students are Arabs and they have an extra half an hour on every test. The education system is doing everything so minorities can succeed and have good grades."

2016-10-06 00:00:00

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