Israel Working to Prevent a Third Intifada

(Bloomberg) David Wainer - A year after Palestinians began a campaign of stabbing Israelis, widespread predictions that the latest wave of violence would evolve into a third Palestinian uprising have not materialized. "It's almost impossible to build a serious armed network in the West Bank under the current circumstances," said Alon Eviatar, a former senior military officer in the West Bank. "Israel's security services are much more efficient now than they were in previous uprisings and the mantra is not to refrain from going in for raids as much as needed to clear out cells." Israel's grip is underpinned by surveillance methods that eavesdrop on phone calls and read text messages. Based on high-tech monitoring methods, combined with human intelligence that includes discreet cooperation with Palestinian security services, multiple raids occur nightly, according to a senior military official.

2016-09-29 00:00:00

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