Those UN Super-Sleuths

[Wall Street Journal] Editorial - For the past year, Mohamed ElBaradei has been running an independent foreign policy from his IAEA perch. In August, he announced a nuclear agreement he had reached with Iran's mullahs, without consulting his political superiors at the International Atomic Energy Agency. Even the Europeans protested that one. ElBaradei has coasted on the IAEA's reputation as the authoritative source of information on the world's nuclear secrets. Yet this is the same agency that was taken by surprise by nuclear projects in Libya, North Korea and Iraq in the 1980s. And now in Syria, which in September was voted co-chair of the IAEA's General Conference. All this is reason enough for the U.S., Israel and any other country serious about stopping nuclear proliferation to refuse ElBaradei's not-so-good diplomatic offices.

2007-11-07 01:00:00

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