Israel Is a Forward Position in the West's Fight Against Radical Islam

(Israel Hayom) Dror Eydar - True, we should thank the Americans for the generous military aid. But we must also admit that they aren't doing us a favor. We represent a big part of their values and interests in the Middle East. We pay for the aid in numerous ways: We have intelligence about and understanding of the region that the Americans don't have; we have technological capabilities and the ability to improvise in areas where the Americans aren't as good as we are; we have combat experience, which is worth money. We haven't even discussed the loyal friendship we offer; we are the only ones the U.S. can count on in the region. Israel isn't a beggar asking for handouts. We are a key player in the region, the only one safeguarding the interests of the West and functioning as a forward position in its fight against the global spread of radical Islam.

2016-09-16 00:00:00

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