Israeli Civilians Drill Response to Massive Missile Fire

(Ha'aretz) Gili Cohen - Next week, the IDF Home Front Command will carry out a drill across the country simulating an all-out war in which there is massive missile fire at Israel's urban areas. The command will also rehearse scenarios involving infiltrations into Israeli territory by air and sea, along with the collapse of electricity and communication networks. Tel Aviv residents will have only one minute - down from the current 90 seconds - to get to a shelter or security room after hearing an air raid siren. At the same time, a more accurate system of warning areas will be implemented, reducing the area where people would be required to seek shelter. The Home Front Command projected that there would be 10 direct hits on structures for every 1,000 rockets fired, due in part to interceptions by the Iron Dome anti-missile batteries.

2016-09-16 00:00:00

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