Stop the Palestinian Rockets Now

[Jerusalem Post] Editorial - For months, Kassam rockets have been falling on Sderot and elsewhere in the western Negev, even as far inside Israel as Ashkelon. Allowing such a large section of the country to remain under fire week after week is unacceptable. Thousands of children, not to mention adults, are being traumatized by the constant sirens and rocket salvoes. Turning the targeted areas into a giant bomb shelter is not the solution: the attacks must be stopped. Diplomatically, our government should be demanding an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to condemn the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority for openly launching terrorist attacks against Israel. It is also critical that Israel sound the alarm regarding Egypt's refusal to take effective measures against rampant arms smuggling over its border into Gaza. The U.S. and Israel should tell Egypt that if Cairo acts like Damascus and allows Gaza to become southern Lebanon, then Egypt risks being treated like Syria; the U.S. has immense leverage here, in terms of military assistance.

2006-11-17 01:00:00

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