Iran Commands 60,000 Fighters in Syria

(Daily Mail-UK) Jake Wallis Simons - Iran runs operations on the ground in Syria from a five-floor monolith near Damascus airport and commands a huge covert army in support of Assad, according to leaked intelligence reports from Iran's Revolutionary Guards provided by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI). The Iranian HQ has vaults packed with millions of dollars in cash flown in from Tehran. 1,000 Iranians work at the HQ, while Revolutionary Guard bases have been established in 18 locations throughout Syria. Iran now commands about 60,000 Shia troops in Syria, while Assad's army has been reduced to just 50,000 soldiers. Iran has 16,000 Iranian troops (6,000 regular army plus 10,000 Revolutionary Guards). Last year, just 5,000 Iranians were in action in the country. They command 45,000 Shia mercenaries from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon (10,000 Hizbullah troops), as well as Palestinians and Baluchis, a minority group from Afghanistan. One security source noted: "You're talking about a very orchestrated, emboldened and well-planned Iranian presence. They are thinking very clearly and wisely, and are putting down deep roots, creating pockets of power in places with strategic importance....Iran is getting itself into a position where whether Assad stands or falls, Tehran is in the best position to dominate whatever comes next."

2016-08-31 00:00:00

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