Israel: Saudi and Persian Gulf States Share Our Concerns about Iran Hegemony

(Jerusalem Post) Herb Keinon - Israel and the Gulf states share the exact same perception of Iran's desire for regional hegemony, Foreign Ministry Director-General Dore Gold said Thursday. Gold said Israel was listening to the Arab discourse about Iranian intentions "with great interest," and that Arab leaders are "laying out a case against Iranian actions, and we are seeing it expressed over and over by Arab leaders." "I think the challenges Israel faces with Hizbullah in Lebanon and Iranian-backed Hamas in the Gaza Strip are a subset of a much larger problem which all Middle East states are facing, and which emanates directly from Tehran," he said. "We are watching what they are saying, and it is fascinating because that is exactly the perception we have in Israel....Iran is not only Israel's problem, but also a problem for the whole region."

2016-08-26 00:00:00

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