Israel Clears Troops of Wrongdoing During 2014 Gaza War

(Israel Defense Forces) Israeli military prosecutors have cleared Israeli forces of criminal wrongdoing during several major incidents where civilians were killed in the 2014 Gaza war. It was alleged that attacks carried out by the IDF on 9-10 July 2014 in the area adjacent to the hospital in Khan Yunis known as the "European Hospital" impeded the functioning of the hospital and resulted in patients suffering from anxiety. Terror organizations had embedded numerous rocket launchers in the area surrounding the hospital, from which launches were carried out against the State of Israel. On 9 July, the IDF carried out aerial strikes on seven rocket launchers, and struck four launchers on 10 July. No damage occurred to the hospital. It was alleged that on 20 July, seven members of the Ziyadeh family were killed in an IDF attack on a building in Al-Bureij. The building was being used as an active command and control center by the Hamas terror organization. Among the casualties were Mohammed Muqadama, a senior Hamas figure, as well as three military operatives from Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. It was alleged that on 21 July, 12 members of the Siyam family were killed in Rafah. In fact, no attack was carried out by IDF forces in the area at that time. It was found that at the relevant time, and in close proximity to the Siyam family's residence, terror organizations fired a series of mortars aimed at Israel. A number of these fell within the territory of Gaza. During 22-29 July, the Gaza power plant in Nusseirat was struck a number of times. Terror organizations located a large number of assets adjacent to the power plant, including launching pits in which rockets and mortars were stored, medium range rocket launchers, the openings of combat tunnels, and weapons caches. Evidence has been obtained which indicates that a portion of the damage may have been caused as the result of rocket fire by Palestinian terror organizations.

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